Social Documentaries

Documentaries on topical social issues.

The Uncivil World

The world is a largely uncivil place. We think–rightly or wrongly–of days in the past when people treated one another with respect and topics were discussed politely. That is not the world we see today. Whether on the internet where anonymity permits the most uncivil behaviour or when in public, particularly in politics, where it seems the goal is to destroy the opponent rather than on coming to agreement. In fact, the topics and issues of the day are rarely black and white. Instead, they’re very grey. Here at Darlington Mediaworks we aim to shed light on issues to promote a better understanding of the sides of an issue. Through better understanding, we hope to contribute in some small way to making the world a more civil place.

You can see the initial fruits of this labour at our companion site, A Grey World. The first video there can be found in the posting, The Freedom Con. We hope you enjoy it.