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Logo for Targa Newfoundland

Targa Newfoundland

Targa Newfoundland is the first and only tarmac rally of its kind to be held in North America! It runs for an entire week and covers over 2,200 Km, or about 1,400 miles through the picturesque towns and villages of Newfoundland. You can find out more from the official Targa Newfoundland web site.

Logo for One Lap of America

One Lap of America

The One Lap of America is a week-long endurance track event renowned for long distance overnight commutes between tracks where competition takes place. It’s history begins with Brock Yate’s infamous Cannonball Sea-to-Shining-Sea Dash. Find out more at the official One Lap of America web site.

Darlington Mediaworks at Targa Newfoundland

We were at Targa Newfoundland from 2004 through 2007. Although we only filmed on the last several days of 2004, we shot the entire event in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Each of those years, we typically produced a documentary, a party tape, a promotional video, and customized team documentaries.

The documentary tells the story of that year’s event and includes footage from several routes each day along with interviews, social events and more. Anyone can purchase the documentaries.

The party tape is made for the participants and is played at the awards banquet that closes the event on the final Saturday of the event. The goal is highlight the amazing, and especially the embarassing, footage that we capture. It is available only to current and former participants.

We’ve made several promotional videos for the Targa Newfoundland organization that either highlight the fun to be had by participants or the business opportunities by sponsors. The most recent promotional video for participants, done for the 2008 Targa Newfoundland, is available above.

Darlington Mediaworks at One Lap of America

We were at the One Lap of America in 2004 and 2005.